Top 4 Reasons You May Need Vehicle Suspension Servicing

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Automotive

Your vehicle’s suspension is often something you take for granted. Your suspension system is designed to help control your vehicle’s driving capabilities, including all-wheel drive. Your suspension system is composed of tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages. While many people regularly put off auto repairs to save money or prolong the time between making payments, you should always seek repairs as soon as possible, especially for your suspension system.

In order to know when to seek suspension repairs, you’ll need to know which signs to look for. When you know which signs to look for, the quicker you’ll be able to seek repairs, which can save you money as well as reduce damages. Here are the top four reasons you may need vehicle suspension servicing.

Your Car Rides Roughly

If you can feel every bump in the road and your car bounces as you drive it, it is most likely a suspension issue. Issues with shocks and struts can cause this issue, and you should always watch for them as best you can. You vehicle should generally run smoothly, for rough riding is never a good sign for your vehicle suspension.

Pulling During Turns

When you’re making a turn, it should be stable and level. If you notice any pulling, you should look into having repairs done on your vehicle in the near future. A tilt or shifting during a turn usually means that your vehicle suspension needs some work done.

Dips When Stopping

When you apply your brakes and your vehicle lurches forward, it may be caused by a suspension problem. All suspension problems should be assessed as soon as possible from a reputable service like Dundee & Wolf Automotive Services.

Oily Shocks

Take a look under your vehicle, and then take a look at your shocks and struts. If they’re greasy or oily, you may have a suspension problem on your hands. If there is a fluid leak that is causing such greasiness, it’s probably time to have to your shocks replaced. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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