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Top Reasons To Take A Closer Look At An Audi Q5 For Sale

Car buyers in Cherry Hill, NJ, have a range of different dealerships and vehicles to consider when considering a new or used vehicle. One of the vehicles on the road that is really catching the eye of drivers passionate about a great handling vehicle is the Audi Q5.

Finding an Audi Q5 for sale is often a lot easier than buyers think. There are typically specials and promotions ongoing at different Audi dealerships in the Cherry Hill, NJ, area, or there is also the option to consider a pre-owned or a certified pre-owned.

Whether you are looking for a new or used Audi Q5 for sale, there are some top reasons to take a closer look at this sporty and sleek SUV.

High Tech Meets Driver Control

All of the new Audi vehicles, and specifically the SUVs in the line offer some fantastic standard technology and infotainment features. There are different add-ons and features, and these vary based on the specific trim package selected. Some of the basics include Bluetooth connectivity, rain-sensing wipers, backup camera, and the advanced package adds a WiFi hotspot, connection, and navigation.

Great Ride

Test driving an Audi Q5 for sale is essential to get to experience the sensation. These vehicles are easy to handle and offer a very smooth ride, even on rough roads. The interior is very quiet, and wind noise or highway driving sounds are barely audible in the vehicle.

The vehicle does offer two different suspensions, so if you do a lot of driving on rough roads, opt for the adaptive suspension, and just sit back and relax. This is a standard all-wheel-drive vehicle, so it is perfect for New Jersey all year round.

The interior and the exterior of this vehicle are crafted with care and attention to detail. If you are not familiar with this SUV, visit an Audi dealership and take a test drive.