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Troubleshooting Tips on How to Get Your Key Fob Working Again

Troubleshooting Tips on How to Get Your Key Fob Working Again

Few things can be as frustrating as having a key fob that does not work properly. Fortunately, there are ways to get the fob for your Mercedes working again that you can attempt before undergoing Mercedes key programming. Here are just a few of them.

Battery Going Bad

Many times it is just the battery that is going bad and not really the key fob itself. By simply having the battery tested at the kiosk at your nearest auto parts store, you can save yourself having to pay to get the key fob reprogrammed. If the battery is the culprit, the store can replace the battery for you.

Circuit Board

Another common culprit for key fob failure is a bad circuit board. Perhaps the fob was exposed to liquid such as something being spilled on it or accidentally going through the washing machine. Perhaps you dropped the fob on the hard driveway surface or it was sandwiched between two heavy objects. Regardless of how it became damaged, a bad circuit board can obviously affect the function of your key fob. If the circuit board on your Mercedes fob is fried, then you will need to have Mercedes key programming performed.

Old Casing

Another easy fix that can avoid total reprogramming is to replace the worn casing that houses the circuit board and batteries. Once the new casing is in place, your fob should work as good as new.

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