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What You Need to Know About Calibrating Your Speedometer in Tucson AZ

Every motor vehicle is a powerful tool of transportation. The feeling of being in control as you cruise over the long black miles is only matched by knowing that your machine is performing its very best. But what if its not? On many stretches of that long open highway, not knowing can cost you more than just time and aggravation. If your speedometer should fail, you could be looking at a hefty ticket, or worse

Imagine the road. The long stretch of I-10 headed east toward Las Cruces is not a place you want to be pulled over. The temperatures in June and July regularly reach over one hundred degrees. What you want is to move quickly and carefully without complications. Stop off at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach and let the guys quickly calibrate or repair your Speedometer in Tucson AZ before you hit the road.

Russ, Mike, and Jerry know their trade. With more than eighty years of combined experience, they can check and repair gauge clusters for nearly anything you drive. Have an RV or a motor home? They can service and replace gauges, tachometers, cruise control components and so much more for every American, European or Asian manufactured vehicle built. Motorcycles and antiques are often hard to find parts for, but not at Dick’s. Fair rates and fast service -; many times in as little as two hours -; that is what you can expect when you need assistance with your gauge cluster or Speedometer in Tucson AZ.

Or, perhaps you already know what it is like to be pulled over in Tucson. If you have a dispute pending, the guys at Dick’s have a certified dynamometer that can help you out. They provide an accurate speedometer calibration for traffic violations and speeding ticket disputes, and they know how to help. Just call and ask them how.

The feel of riding the open road has no equal. Know your machine and trust the technicians at Dick’s to help keep your gauges and speedometer calibrated. There is a lot of this country to see. Do it with confidence. Stay one step ahead and keep trouble in the rear view mirror.