What’s Covered in a Cooling System Service in Redding, CA?

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Automotive

The cooling system of modern vehicles is incredibly sophisticated, and can work efficiently even when the temperature outside is incredibly hot. Over the past few decades, the components and systems used in modern vehicles have improved dramatically. However, like any other component in your vehicle, the cooling system also requires regular maintenance and servicing. At least once a year, you should take your car for a thorough cooling system service. Ideally, the best time for a cooling system service would be just before the summer months begin. Here are a few things that are covered under a conventional air conditioning service.

Component Cleaning

Companies such as Major Muffler & Auto Repair will first remove the components under the dashboard, such as the blower motor and the pipes, to clean them thoroughly. With the passage of time, dust may settle in the vents, and they need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure a fresh and clean supply of air. They will also remove other components from the engine bay, like the compressor and the condenser so there are no deposits of dirt and grime on any of these components.

Gas Check

Another important component of a cooling system service in Redding, CA is the refrigerant levels check. The company will check whether the refrigerant gas levels within the vehicle are at optimal levels. If they have fallen, they will check for a leaks in the air conditioning pipes, and then seal it up. A thorough air conditioning service at least once a year can prevent the load on your vehicle’s engine and ensure smooth air conditioner performance throughout the summer months. It’s a worthwhile investment that can prevent long-term car trouble.

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