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When it is Time for a Brake Inspection in Mandan, ND

Mandan’s seasonal weather conditions increase wear and tear on automobiles, and that’s why it is important to understand what your vehicle’s behaviors are telling you. This is especially true for the brakes. Since brakes are one of the most important safety mechanisms on any automobile, they are designed to give you warnings if they require immediate service. Following are some clues that help determine if you need brake repair in Mandan, ND.

Noisy Brakes

Brake pads produce a high-pitched squeak when they need replacement. As they become thin, they wear down to a layer with metallic material that produces the squeaking sound when pressed against the metallic rotor. It’s important to service your brakes when they make this noise.

Spongy Brakes

If your brake pedal feels soft or goes down to the floor when you apply the brakes, pull over and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop. This clue is a symptom of several serious problems.

Vibrating Brakes

If your brakes vibrate when you apply them, it could mean that your rotors are warped and need replacement. This is a repair that shouldn’t wait, either.

Pulling Brakes

Some brakes will slightly pull your steering wheel in one direction when applied. This could be a sign of uneven wear that requires immediate attention.

If you are experiencing any of these or other signs of brake trouble, take your vehicle to Northland Performance and Four Wheel Drive. We are your dependable automotive professionals that also perform quality brake repair in Mandan, ND.