Why Choose the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Car Dealer

If you are in the market for a quality vehicle that has a long reputation for reliability and comfort, the Volkswagen Golf GTI in Philadelphia and elsewhere is a great choice. Learn some of the features of the Volkswagen Golf GTI and why you should choose it for your next vehicle below.

An Established Reputation

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of a very small group of vehicles that has been produced for over 40 years, yet its latest models’ features are very similar to the very first generation that was produced. The Golf GTI is known for providing a great deal of passenger space and a comfortable ride, and that reputation still holds true even today.


The Golf GTI is known for providing a great deal of room within its interior. Drivers will witness a great deal of room that will enable them to find their ideal driving position with ease. Passengers will also enjoy the interior, as even rear passengers will find a great deal of head and shoulder room.

Technologically Advanced

While the Golf GTI has many features of its very first generation, later models have been enhanced with the latest technology to provide a good balance of both nostalgic features and modern amenities. There are four USB-C ports to help keep everyone’s mobile devices charged and ready for use. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are supported, so all main mobile users will be happy and connected. The Golf GTI has an 8-inch screen for its infotainment system, plus tuning and volume knobs to easily adjust audio playback.

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