Why Would a Driver Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Jacksonville FL

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Autos

Synthetic Oil Change Jacksonville, FL

What makes a synthetic oil change in Jacksonville, FL better than conventional? Conventional oil has minerals inside of it, making it break down. However, synthetic oils and lubricants use beneficial additives that make them even better.

Uniform Composition

Synthetic lubricants are engineered to ensure smooth consistencies and uniform compositions. This design characteristic means that the last bottle’s characteristics will be the same as the previous one and the next. Engineers rebuild synthetic compounds from petroleum molecules, giving them a uniform molecular structure.

Fewer Impurities

Mineral oils bubble up out of the earth originally, and this is where conventional oil originates. These sources are also rich in waxes, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. Since synthetics are made in the lab, they contain far fewer impurities. Nothing should impact a synthetic oil’s oxidation or prevent degradation.

Oxidation Stability

Since synthetic oils are purer products in their composition, they are more durable. Being purer is particularly beneficial from a chemical viewpoint when in extreme temperatures. When compared to mineral oils, synthetics remain stable when exposed to many things:

• Low Temperatures

• High Temperatures

• Water

• Fuel Contamination

• Acids

• Combustion Byproducts

Higher Viscosity Index

One of synthetic oil’s major advantages is its higher viscosity index. Its high viscosity rate indicates that it is more resistant to temperature fluctuations. Moreover, it affects its flowability, meaning they do not thin out at high temperatures. In addition to maintaining consistency at high temperatures, they flow well at low temperatures.

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