3 Surprising Facts that Make BMW Alloy Rims an Outstanding Value

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Automobile

It’s no secret that new rims can give any car an immediate visual boost. As a high end accessory, BMW’s alloy rims are sleek, sophisticated, and sexy. They’re fun to own, and showing them off lets the world know that you have good taste and that you’re not afraid to baby your car a little bit. But did you know that the value of alloy rims isn’t all about the flash?

Here are three ways that an upgrade to alloy rims can give real world benefits while still making you and your car look good.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

BMW’s alloy rims are significantly lighter than standard steel rims, and any time a car has less weight it also has improved gas mileage. Fuel consumption has a direct, measurable impact on any car owner’s pocket, and an upgrade to alloy rims begins to pay off immediately.

With new alloy rims, the more miles you put on your vehicle, the higher your savings will be. What’s not to love about that?

Longer Brake Lifespan

Another side benefit of alloy construction is that the rims effectively act as heat sinks, which means that the heat from braking and tire friction dissipates faster. Also, the open design of alloy rims allows for better air circulation through the rim, over the tire, and past the brakes. Finally, the lighter weight of alloy means that the brakes are able to halt tire rotation far faster and easier.

All of those factors combine to reduce wear and tear, and make for longer lasting, more efficient brakes. As proud as you may be of the way your new rims look, you’ll also feel good knowing that you’ve made an upgrade to the safety and dependability of your vehicle.

Better Handling

We’ve already mentioned the fuel savings from swapping steel rims with lighter alloy replacements. That same decrease in weight also means a reduced unsprung mass on the wheels. With less mass bouncingaround, the suspension and handling on your vehicle will improve immediately.

This increase in handling from an alloy rim upgrade is noticeable on smooth pavement, and especially dramatic on rough or uneven surfaces.

The advantages of quality alloy aftermarket rims don’t stop with just this list. Alloy rims are on the whole more durable than steel rims, and more resistant to corrosion. They generally require less maintenance, and while their glossy sheen can be prone to show curb scratches, that can be easily avoided by a little extra care when parking on the street.

There’s no disputing that BMW alloy rims look great, but they are also an excellent investment which can pay out dividends in appearance, performance, and expense reduction.

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