The How and Why: Selecting the Right BMW Rims for a BMW Vehicle

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Automobile

Renowned and recognizable, the BMW is one of the most celebrated vehicles to hit the road today. The BMW is known for its incredible performance and handling when on the road and simply exemplifies luxury vehicles for most people when asked.

It’s no wonder people who start buying luxury cars turn to the BMW first, even over other luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz. Once a new BMW owner takes their vehicle home, they’re usually not finished with taking care of the vehicle, either—as in, leaving the vehicle as-is.

Over the course of their ownership, many BMW owners take the time to update their vehicles, whether it involves repairing damaged or improperly working parts on any part of the vehicle. Of course, many owners also take the time to update the look of their BMW, such as changing out their rims.

Types of BMW Rims

Much like wheels, rims are made from different materials. Generally, it’s recommended to choose wheels and rims made from materials that are guaranteed to last and be lightweight enough to not impair the vehicle’s performance.

BMW rims are made from different materials, generally the same materials used to produce wheels. Some materials, however, are more common than others:


Alloy is the most common material used to make wheels and rims. The material produces lightweight wheels that are great for aesthetics and better performance. They’re also more resistant to corrosion, but aren’t as durable as those made to traverse rugged terrain.


Chrome is commonly seen on luxury vehicles, giving off a highly polished glimmering shine. That makes them excellent for vehicles with a great look. They do, however, need regular cleaning to maintain their looks.


Steel wheels and rims are heavier and more durable, making them a good choice for tougher vehicles. However, their heavier weight slows down performance, and they are hard to customize like any of the aforementioned.

Wire Spoke

These rims are very light, often produced from multiple wire and/or spokes that boost their aesthetic appeal. They, much like chrome rims, take longer to maintain, this time due to their multiple wire set up.

Shopping For BMW Rims

The rim of a vehicle’s wheel is best defined as the ‘outer edge of a wheel that holds the tire in place.’ It’s the outer, circular design seen on the outside of the wheel; the inside edge of the wheel is what’s mounted on the vehicle itself.

Rims, specifically those for luxury vehicles, are produced in various styles and colors. BMW rims, for instance, are often produced in shades of silver and chrome, in custom styles best designed to complement the elegant look of the vehicles.

Even knowing what to expect from BMW rims doesn’t make it simple to shop around for them. That’s why it’s highly recommended to research the market for OEM and aftermarket rims.

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