What Are Automatic Transmission Kits?

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Automotive

Automatic transmission kits can also be referred to as a shift kit. It’s a set of components used for automobiles and designed to improve the way cars shift between gears. They can be made for manual and other transmissions. Likewise, the shifts can be optimized to do different things. Some drivers prefer slower, smoother shifts while others want a quick shift for towing or performance. In most cases, people leave the OEM parts that come with the vehicle, but you may decide to upgrade or change things if you need to rebuild.

Towing Needs

During shifts, some of the power is lost in your clutch (whether internal or manual) because of clutch slippage and output shaft speeds. Therefore, a quick shift may be desirable while towing, which reduces the wear and tear of the clutch and also reduces heat development. However, if you have too fast of a shift, mechanical loads on transmissions and could cause early mechanical failure, as well as an uncomfortable driving experience.

How It Works

Primarily, automatic transmission kits focus on smoother shifting between gears. They accomplish this by going into two or more gears at the same time while upshifting (also known as shift overlap). However, with the kit, it can eliminate or reduce the overlap. Likewise, it may also reduce wear and tear because transmissions don’t have to operate in multiple gears simultaneously.

Sometimes a shift kit eliminates restrictive oil flow issues in the valve body. You may get a firmer shift and may reduce clutch slippage and shift overlap, as well.


You’ve got seemingly endless choices when it comes to the variety of kit options available. For example, a shift improver kit may be a less expensive option that’s easier for beginners to install. However, the type of kit you choose is based on what you want to do.

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