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More for Your Money: Buy a Used Ford for Sale

There are essentially two types of people who are in the market to buy a car, and no, they are not those who are buying a new car and those who are buying a used car. Instead, the two basic types are really those that know exactly what they want in their next car and those who don’t. When you know exactly what you want, it doesn’t matter whether you find it in a new car or a used car, and when you know you want a Ford, you know that you’re going to get quality whether it’s pre-owned or brand new.

Why Buy a Used Ford?

When you find a used Ford for sale, chances are that the owner is upgrading to a new Ford, having been completely satisfied with the vehicle he or she is now offering for sale. Think about it, when is the last time you heard a complaint from a Ford owner? The quality that the American driver has come to know and expect from one of the country’s leading auto manufacturers is just as present in a used car as it is in a new one. In fact, all you’re getting when you buy a new car versus a used car is a factory warranty and undepreciated value, while a used Ford gives you value in a car that has already seen most of its depreciation, meaning it’s likely to be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today.

Certified Pre-Owned Fords: The Best of the Best

If you’re in the market for a used Ford for sale and you don’t like the idea of not having a factory warranty on your purchase, you may want to consider a certified pre-owned Ford. What’s the difference between used and certified pre-owned? A certified pre-owned has undergone a 172-point inspection. It comes with warranty coverage on the whole vehicle plus extended coverage on the powertrain, 24/7 roadside assistance, free replacement tires for life, and a loaner vehicle if yours ever needs to go in for service. Contact Saybrook Ford at 860-388-1293 to find out more about why a pre-owned Ford is a deal you can’t afford to pass up. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and more updates!