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The Basics of High-Grip Tires in Honolulu

Your tires are made with the help of very complex machinery and very complex science. They are researched and designed to make sure they perform admirably. However, the tires are still built on a fairly basic principle. A tire needs to have as much contact with the road as possible to ensure that you get good traction. The more rubber that touches the road, the more grip you will have while driving. High-grip tires ensure that you maintain good traction in several different ways.

The Tread Pattern

Tires are built with different tread patterns. The tread pattern is designed to keep your tires in contact with the road. Though your vehicle might be incredibly heavy, a thin layer of moisture can still create separation between the tires and the ground. If that happens, your tires won’t be touching the ground and you’ll lose traction. The tread pattern is designed to create channels that direct the flow of moisture away from underneath your tires. Your high-grip tires in Honolulu stay in contact with the ground and the water or dirt is directed away from the car.

The Rubbe

There are different kinds of tire rubber that can be used. Typically, a tire is made with different kinds of tire rubber. A softer rubber creates strong traction with the ground; however, it is more easily damaged. It wears away much faster than hard rubber. Hard rubber is much more resilient and resistant to damage. It will also become more pliable as you drive and it heats up. That means its traction will actually increase the longer you drive. If you need high-grip tires, you need to call 808-545-1600 or visit our website. They will be able to help you choose different types of tires that might be right for you and your needs; there are many different options for many different vehicles and types of terrain. You can pay a visit to Facebook page!