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Best Times To Visit Philadelphia Car Dealerships

Buying a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle is not typically a fast process. Most buyers in and around the Philadelphia area want to take the time to look at the vehicles on the lot, make comparisons, test drive vehicles, and consider their options.

To have the time needed to make the purchase, choosing when you arrive at car dealerships is an important consideration. Even if there is a special event or a promotion at the dealership, there are still times when there is less traffic and fewer buyers, providing you with more time with the sales staff throughout the vehicle purchase process.

Weekday Mornings

Generally, car dealerships Philadelphia are busiest in the afternoons and evenings, which make mornings an ideal time to shop for a vehicle. Keep in mind, the service centers at dealerships are typically busiest in the mornings, which may be important to consider after your vehicle purchase.

Monday and Tuesday

As a general guide, slower times at Philadelphia dealerships include Monday and Tuesday. The busiest times tend to be Friday afternoons and early evenings and all day on Saturday. Depending on the locations, Sunday can also be an ideal day to have lots of unhurried time on the dealership lot.

Shopping for great deals at specials and promotions will mean increased traffic at any of the car dealerships in the city. Getting to the dealership early or scheduling test drives online can help reduce your wait while still providing an excellent purchase experience.