Lincoln Car Dealers Share Top 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Vehicle

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Autos

You’re giving gifts to family and friends, so why not give your ride presents as well? Ask your favorite Lincoln car dealers about the best vehicle accessories this year, and they’ll give you a condensed but essential list. Take a look at these seven Christmas gifts you can buy for your vehicle this holiday season.

1. All-Weather Floor Mats

When the temperature drops, it’s time to change up your carpet-type floor mats to the all-weather kind. You will surely be tracking in water, snow, mud, leaves, and all types of debris as you step into your car. Lincoln dealerships want you to know that having these rugged rubber floor mats makes clean-up a breeze and does wonders for protecting your car’s interiors.

2. Grille Guards

Placing an added mesh cover on your grille adds to the wow factor, but it also serves tons of functions. It prevents leaves, ice, and dirt from getting into your engine compartment as you brave the roads. Plus, a grille guard helps retain heat in your engine, saving you more on fuel consumption and ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly for hours on end.

3. Truck Bed Cover

Also called a tonneau cover, it creates a tight seal around your truck bed. It serves an added function beyond securing your belongings from theft. This nifty accessory keeps heavy snowfalls off your ride, even when you leave it parked outdoors overnight. Plus, its secure seal helps waterproof the cargo inside it.

4. Portable Air Purifier

These days, having a germ-free car interior is a must. This air purifier releases ions in the air, killing bacteria and viruses that can remain on the surfaces of your vehicle. It can also remove foul odors caused by food, dirt, and smoke. You can also opt for a dual-purpose air purifier and humidifier, preventing you from breathing in dry air during icy drives.

5. Wireless Phone Charger

This winter, you’ll probably be expected to be out and running about for work and errands. Keep your smartphone always powered up with a wireless phone charger. No need to worry about tedious cables and sockets because you can place your phone on this pad, drive along, and it’ll charge in no time.

6. Car Battery Jump Starter

Extreme below-zero temperatures can take a toll on your car’s battery. Many car experts mention that you need to disconnect your battery if you plan to keep your vehicle garaged during the long months. When you need to power it up again, an emergency car battery jump starter kit will come in handy.

7. Bar Lights

Make sure you’re driving safely at all times, even when visibility can get low. Because winter months mean that sunset comes in a bit earlier, you need ample lighting while you’re on the road. Most SUV and truck owners highly recommend these installations, especially when heavy snowfall is afoot.

These gifts are only a few of the many fantastic items you can get for your precious ride. Lincoln dealerships can give you additional info if you need to accessorize your vehicle, depending on the amount of driving you’re planning. Check out Baldwin Motors Lincoln for more winter-friendly tips.

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