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Cost Benefits Of Shopping At Used Car Dealerships

Second to a home, a car is the most expensive purchase most people ever make. It can be difficult to balance the desire for a nice car with financial responsibility, but buying from Used Car Dealerships is a simple way to do it. Below are several benefits of buying clean used cars over brand-new ones.

Used Cars are Cheaper and Depreciate Less

Most know that new cars lose thousands in value the minute they’re driven off the lot. It still applies, and it’s a big part of the reason why used cars are great bargains. By buying a car that’s a model year or two old, there will still be depreciation, but the buyer will lose less money and they’ll lose it slower. Moreover, buying used helps the customer avoid the initial hit a new car owner gets.

Tax Savings

Every slick, glossy new car ad omits one important factor: taxes. Most state laws apply sales taxes to new cars, but not to used ones. Buying a car from a private seller means that the buyer pays no sales tax, where a dealer would have to charge hundreds in taxes for a new car. Think about the savings and learn about state law before making a decision.

Lower Registration Fees

In most areas, annual registration fees are based on car value and model year. Registration fees fall sharply in the first years after a car is made, but those decreases level off after about five years. In areas with similar rules, buyers can save thousands by buying a car that’s three to five years old.

Save on Added Features

Many dealers turn a profit by installing options such as window tint, pinstriping or undercoating. However, these add-ons can usually be found on the secondary market for much less. These extras don’t increase a car’s value, and buying from Used Car Dealerships prevents customers from paying extra for options they don’t want. Furthermore, when a buyer wants certain features, they’ll pay less than the original owner paid.

A new car may look and smell great, but appearances aren’t everything. By considering more than the car’s sale price, buyers can get an idea of how much they will pay for the right to be a car’s first owner. Buying a used car from Website Domain means extra research, but the cost savings make the work worthwhile.