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Durable Police LED Light Bars

Everybody is looking to be environmentally friendly these days, and this is no different for the police force. They use many different types of lighting systems on their vehicles so they are always looking for a way to save energy and time. Science has made a number of contributions to equipment in police cars and other emergency vehicles. Most of these new contributions involve LED lights. Police LED light bars are more durable and last much longer than traditional light bulbs. You can even choose from different flash patterns if you so choose.

LED Lights for Emergency Vehicles
There are a number of reasons why police cars and other emergency vehicles use LED lights. They are great for emergency vehicles because not only is their light very bright, but they are also tough and will last a long time. LED elements are one of the most energy-efficient devices used for lighting in the entire world, giving a significant amount of light per each unit. LED light bars are also much safer than traditional light bulbs as they have the potential for less shock damage. LED bulbs do not need to be changed as often and typically last over 100,000 hours. This means you can keep these lights for more than a decade and they will not need to be changed or maintained.

Shapes and Sizes
LED light bars for emergency vehicles come in a number of different sizes and shapes depending on how they are used. In a number of different emergency situations, there is more of a need for portable, small lighting units that can be easily removed if needed. In this situation, the emergency vehicle would use a mini light bar. You can choose anywhere from 16-42 LED elements that are made of either metal or plastic. These units are typically made with magnets or suction cups for easy removal. They will need to be placed on a smooth surface in order for this to be effective.

If you have a large emergency unit, then you are going to need a full-size LED light bar. These groups typically range from 66-88 LED elements and can be placed on the dashboard with ease. They can even be placed on the roof of an emergency vehicle if need be. The kind of LED light bar you will need will depend entirely on the size of the vehicle you are driving.