Eliminate Transmission Troubles With a Replacement Transmission in Ocala

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Automotive

There are a lot of complex devices in the modern automobile, but one of the worst is the automatic transmission. This important piece of mechanical engineering is used to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels. It is also used to reduce the load on the engine by shifting gears when required. This aspect of the transmission is handled with hydraulic pressure and should be barely noticeable when things are functioning properly. If the device doesn’t shift correctly, then it may be time for a replacement Transmission in Ocala.

One way to extend the life of the transmission is with regular fluid changes and the occasional flushing of the system. Fluid changes can help reduce the grime that accumulates inside the system. Flushing is a bit more detailed because this method of cleaning requires forcing fresh fluid through the transmission. The high-pressure fluid helps to clear the small channels that are used to divert the fluid where it is required.

Not all transmission problems will require a replacement as long as the failure is not inside the unit. Because of the complexity of this component it may be easier to have the mechanic swap out the old model for a factory rebuilt version in lieu of rebuilding it in the shop. This may not sound like much of a deal to everyone, but there is little difference between a new replacement transmission and a factory rebuilt model. The only parts that get used from the old one are the case and possibly the internal shafts. Any items used are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the demands that an operating transmission will incur.

Of course, not all vehicles use the automatic shifting transmission and some people actually enjoy driving the standard shift model because of the extra power it provides. However, this kind of Transmission in Ocala has its own set of problems and the most common of these is a worn clutch assembly. The clutch is used to disengage the engine before shifting. Over time, this action will wear down the clutch and force a replacement. Until then, it may be possible to adjust the clutch and restore the pedal operation.

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