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The Importance of Resolving Windshield Flaws Before Frigid Winter Temperatures Arrive

The Minneapolis area is subject to some harsh winter temperatures; in fact, USA Today lists Minneapolis-St. Paul as the 12th-coldest city in the United States. This can cause a variety of problems with vehicles, including with windshield glass. A vehicle owner with a cracked windshield in Minneapolis, MN risks the glass developing more cracks when the weather turns frigid. People in other parts of the country may find it mind-boggling, but the average January temperature in this city is only about 16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even a windshield in Minneapolis, MN with no flaws can develop a crack if the defroster blasts warm or hot air on an icy cold glass. An engine heater helps vehicle owners start the car or truck with no trouble even if it’s been sitting outdoors, but the glass is still at the outdoor temperature. It’s similar to the situation of pouring hot water into a cold drinking glass. A chip that has never been filled or a crack near the bottom of the windshield may lead to more cracks spreading out from that original flaw. While a person can drive around for a long time with one small crack that’s not in the line of sight, additional cracks are likely to interfere with vision and also compromise the strength of the windshield.

Auto glass repair shops are accustomed to having more business for windshield projects during subzero temperatures. The best strategy is to have a windshield repair and replacement company handle any existing problems before winter, and particularly before temperatures drop below zero. Chips can be filled to prevent it from turning into a crack. A very small crack might be stopped from spreading, although there’s usually no guarantee this will work on a long-term basis. Any larger flaw typically means the windshield should be replaced.

Even if the bitterly cold weather doesn’t make the problem worse, the windshield no longer has the structural integrity it is supposed to. In the event of a rollover, the windshield is intended to help the frame maintain its shape instead of collapsing, and a cracked windshield may not be able to do this. Contact Harmon AutoGlass for pricing and details on service.