Five Fall Car Care Tips for Owners of Kia From Rio Rancho

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Autos

Finally, the sweltering summer days are over. You can go back to sleeping under down comforters and eating pumpkin pies. It’s also an excellent time to prepare your car for the cold months. If you’re planning a road trip around New Mexico to watch the aspens turn crimson and gold, you’ll need your Kia from Rio Rancho to be in fine fettle. Plus, it will be winter soon; letting those summer damage fester through fall is a bad idea. These simple fall car care suggestions will help make your tune-up project easy.

All exterior lights must be working

Nights are getting longer, and the sun is gone even before you drive home from work. You will need all your vehicle lights to work properly. Don’t wait for an officer to pull you over and tell you one of your signal lights is broken. Before hitting the road in the morning, check each light for damage.

You may notice your headlights are dimmer than before. Chances are the surface of their polycarbonate outer layer is already worn down. Rubbing it with baking soda and toothpaste can reduce the fogging. You may also use commercial cleansers if DIY options fail.

Get new brake rotors and pads

Your brakes are your lifesaver on a slippery fall and winter road. If you can’t make short-distance stops with your current brakes, you must replace them immediately, as they will endanger your life and the lives of your passengers. Step on the brakes and listen to the sounds they make. If you hear a screeching noise, the metal holding the disk pads must be rubbing against the rotor. Replace broken rotors and heavily deteriorated brake pads immediately.

Replace those blades

Fall and winter rains can be chilly and may form a blanket of ice on the windshield of your Kia from Rio Rancho, which is hard to wipe off. The wipers can take care of it but not if they are already browbeaten. Get new wiper blades before the first snowfall. You’ll be surprised by the difference in performance between your old and new wiper blades.

Check the batteries for corrosion

The bluish-white powder you see around the terminals and connectors is a by-product of corrosion, and corrosion indicates a leak. However, you can only shut the terminals enough to prevent further leakage. But cleaning the surface of the battery will allow it to breathe and perform better. As temperatures drop, the battery is forced to work harder because the oil lubricating the engine becomes less efficient. Clearing any obstruction on its surface will help prevent it from dying.

Enough pressure and tread for the tires

Soon the roads will turn slippery, and the cold weather will shrink the air within your tires. Driving with deflated and worn-out tires is dangerous during this time of year. Make sure all your tires have enough pressure and tread to maintain grip on the road. Check the tire pressure during the coldest part of the day so you would know exactly how much air to pump into your tires before starting your journey.

The weather during the fall season may be milder, but remember that your vehicle’s number one enemy is the cold, which is getting increasingly intense as winter closes in. These simple car care can help you keep up with day-to-day driving without experiencing any significant issues. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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