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The 2022 Jeep Gladiator: Needing a Truck but Craving Adventure

If you have always wanted a Jeep but really need a truck, the perfect compromise may just be the Jeep Gladiator. As a compact pickup truck, it can manage many practical tasks. As a Jeep, it is constructed to lure people away from any mundane daily routines of life in Andover KS to kick off-road around the nearby countryside and beyond.
The Trims
The Jeep Gladiator in Andover KS is available in five trims. These are:
• Sport: This is the base model, the most affordable of the trims with sub-trims
◦ Willy’s Sport
◦ Sport S
◦ Willys
◦ Altitude
• Overland: Considered by many the second most popular trim
• Rubicon
• Mojave
• High Altitude
Many of the trims are specialized for specific off-road activities. The Rubicon is a rock climber while the Mojave, as the name suggests, is a desert crawler. The high altitude, at the top of the trim levels, is for those who want to climb mountains without getting out of their car.


The 2022 Jeep Gladiator offers everything people seek to find in a Jeep. Its standard AWD takes care of the rough roads, and engineering does the rest. It also has a detachable roof, folding windshield and removable doors. However, this Jeep is still very much a truck. It has a five-foot truck bed and, if equipped with the right tow packages, can tow a maximum of 7,650 lbs. and can haul some 1,700 lbs. It is incredibly hard for any vehicle to match its ability to straddle two genres.