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How to Remove Windshield Scratches on Used Motorcycles in Westmoreland County

Purchasing a used motorcycle is, by far, a less expensive option than purchasing a brand new bike. However, when purchasing any type of used vehicle, there are bound to be some problems or things that need to be fixed. One of the most common issues with used motorcycles are the scratches on the windshield. To remove windshield scratches on Used Motorcycles in Westmoreland County, follow these easy steps.

Soak and Dry the Windshield

The first step to getting rid of scratches on the windshield is to soak the windshield. To do this, pour warm water into a large bowl and then add two tablespoons of mild dishwashing liquid soap to the water. Mix the water and soap to form bubbles and suds. Use a soft towel to apply the mixture to the inside and outside of the windshield. Allow the mixture to soak for about ten minutes. Next, wipe and rinse the dirt and grime from the windshield with another clean, soft towel. This will have the glass clean and sparkling. In turn, any scratches will now be visible to the eye.

Buff the Scratches Out

Once the scratches have been located, use a piece of wool and buff each scratch out. This may take some time. When buffing, move the hand in a circular motion right over the scratch. Once the scratch is barely visible, use a soft rag to run over the windshield yet again. This will remove any dirt that has appeared from the wool buffing.

Polish the Windshield

Now that the buffing is complete, it is time to polish the windshield. To do this, use a clean washcloth and apply the polish to the entire surface of the windshield. Smooth out the polish until there are no visible streaks. Pay special attention to the areas where the scratches are located. Once the polish has set, allow it to air dry for about an hour or so. Lastly, place the motorcycle back into its rightful spot and cover the bike with a small tarp to keep it dirt free.

Follow these steps to remove windshield scratches on Used Motorcycles in Westmoreland County. For more information on used motorcycles and how to handling simple fixes, contact Business Name.