The Difference Between Repairing and Replacing Brakes in Groton

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Auto Parts, Auto Repair, Automotive

Periodic brake service can prolong the useful life of a vehicle’s braking system and extend the interval of required brake repairs. Although service intervals differ depending on vehicle choice and driving habits, regular service can make Brakes in Groton last twice as long. Read on to learn the difference between brake service and brake repair.

Brake Service

There are two types of brakes on vehicles: drum and disc. Both can benefit from regular service. When drum brakes require servicing, symptoms can include a spongy brake pedal, poor stopping, and a non-functional emergency brake. To service drum brakes, technicians adjust and clean the shoes, so they fit properly. The result is less travel in the brake pedal and quicker response time, as well as better emergency braking.

To service disc brakes, technicians clean and lubricate caliper slides, and they check for rotor wear. Customers may not notice a significant difference in performance, but brake pad life can be extended with proper maintenance from Bumper to Bumper.

Brake Repair

If Brakes in Groton are excessively worn, brake service may not sufficient, and replacement may be necessary. Brake service shops all approach the task a little differently; some treat repairs as a less-skilled job while others use ASE-certified techs to do the repairs. On vehicles equipped with drum brakes, the shop will machine the drums and replace brake shoes. The shoes are then adjusted to precisely fit the drums, and the emergency brake is tested for functionality.

Vehicles with disc brakes require different repair methods. In some cases, rotors are replaced or turned, and brake pads are also replaced. During this phase, the brake calipers must be tested for proper function and wear, and moving parts are lubricated. The shop will then test-drive the vehicle to ensure that the repair has been done properly.

The difference between brake replacement and service is in the price. A car’s Brakes in Groton will react negatively if they’re neglected, but proper maintenance can prolong their life and help drivers get the most use out of the system. If problems are caught early, basic repairs can be done for a few hundred dollars-; but a worn-out system can cost thousands to replace.

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