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How Weather Affects Mobile Replacement of a Car Windshield in Silver Spring, MD

When someone must get a new Car Windshield in Silver Spring MD, the vehicle owner may wonder whether mobile service can be performed in any kind of weather or if the repair work needs to wait. Windshield replacement technicians might not replace a windshield outdoors if the temperature is below freezing because the excessive cold can interfere with installation quality.

This generally depends on the type of adhesive the technicians use, which can vary from one repair service to another. Adhesives used for these projects need time to fully cure, which means the adhesive has reached full strength and stability. Not all windshield adhesives cure quickly in very cold temperatures. Interestingly, some windshield adhesives actually cure too quickly in freezing temperatures and will become dry before the project is finished.

If the weather forecast shows a string of very cold days ahead, the vehicle owner may be able to drive to the shop if the glass is not too heavily damaged. Otherwise, he or she might bring the car or truck with a tow dolly or flatbed trailer.

A similar situation is involved when the weather is rainy or snowy. To have effective replacement for a Car Windshield in Silver Spring MD, the area needs to be dry. This has nothing to do with the comfort of the technicians. If the car is outside in a driveway or parking lot, technicians cannot do the work because the seal will probably not hold up. If the vehicle can be put in a garage, carport, or under a canopy of some sort, windshield replacement can then be done.

It’s easier for mobile technicians from a service such as Beltway Auto and Plate Glass to replace a windshield during excessively hot weather than in other unfavorable conditions. In general, they can do the work if the temperature climbs to 100 degrees, but not much above that. Vehicle owners must keep in mind that if the car or truck has been sitting in the hot sunshine for an hour or more, the windshield and the surrounding area may well be much hotter than 100 degrees. Click Here to contact knowledgeable repair technicians who can answer questions about windshield replacement and weather conditions.