Is it Time for a New Transmission in Mesa?

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Auto Repair

Many vehicle owners never deal with failing transmissions. As people begin to hold onto their older cars and trucks for longer periods of time, the chances of having to replace a Transmission in Mesa increase. Here are some signs that indicate now be the right time to talk with an expert about a new transmission installation.

In the Shop A Lot

Over the past several months, it’s been necessary to have the transmission repaired more than once. The first time was because reverse stopped working. Another visit was needed when the transmission wouldn’t slip into the passing gear on the highway. With something new cropping up every couple of months, does it make sense to keep investing more money in an aging transmission?

At this juncture, talking with a pro about investing in a brand new transmission in Mesa makes sense. Once again, the car will be on the road more and in the shop a lot less.

The Cost of Rebuilding an Older Transmission

The good news is that the current transmission can be rebuilt. Unfortunately, the cost is not that much less than purchasing and installing a new one. Stop for a moment and consider what could happen if the vehicle owner opts to have the old transmission rebuilt. It will come with a limited warranty, but the scope of protection may or may not be all that great. In addition, there may be more problems discovered once the professional begins the rebuilding, a factor that will add to the final cost.

Even if it means spending a little more, purchasing the new transmission is a good investment. This is especially true if the customer plans on driving the vehicle for several more years. Between the fact that all the components are brand new and the great warranty coverage, a new transmission translates to fewer mechanical issues to deal with.

Before making a decision about the current transmission, Visit Business Name and have the team take a look. Once the report is back, it will easier to weigh different options and make the choice that is best for the client.

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