Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement: What You Need to Know About It

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Auto Parts

A wheel hub assembly is an important component in your vehicle, and it should be kept in proper repair and shape for safe driving. If your wheel hub assembly is having problems, it should be replaced with a new one with the help of an experienced wheel hub assembly replacement service provider.

What is a Wheel Hub Assembly?

A wheel hub assembly is also known as a hub assembly or a wheel hub bearing. It is a part that is used in motor vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles like passenger vehicle, trucks, etc. A wheel hub assembly is positioned between the brake drums and the drive axle. It is mounted to holding brackets from the chassis on the axle side and to the bolts of the WHA on the disc side. It is what helps the wheels on your vehicle move freely but under control.

Steps Involved in the Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement

1. First, loosen the lung nuts from the wheels.
2. Support the vehicle using jack stands. Remove the lung nuts and the tire from your vehicle.
3. The next step is removing the bolts that hold the brake caliper.
4. Remove the rotor from the hub. This step is slightly difficult and so you should be careful.
5. Now, remove the bolts that are used to hold the assembly hub. The bolts are located behind the assembly hub. When removing the bolts there is a possibility that the brake shield of your vehicle also comes out. So, you need to note its orientation.
6. Finally, remove the damaged wheel hub assembly and fix a new one and refit everything back.


You need to ensure that the wheel hub assembly replacement process is done carefully and after the replacement is complete, take your vehicle for a small test drive to see if everything works fine.

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