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Looking At The New Mercedes-Benz CLC For Sale In Philadelphia

Every year, drivers in the Philadelphia area look at the new features and options offered on their favorite models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. These upgrades and additional features and options never disappoint, especially when it comes to the options now available in the Mercedes-Benz GLC for sale.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC for sale comes in both a coupe and an SUV, with the SUV model providing additional cargo space and that beefier, more rugged but still stylish look. The coupe is sleek and streamlined, with slightly more headroom in the interior. Both are fun to drive and offer a range of features and options that drivers in the Philadelphia area will enjoy.

Features and Options

Both of the styles of Mercedes-Benz GLC for sale offer a beautiful interior space that includes heated seats in the front, dual climate control, and a state-of-the-art central controller and infotainment center.

There are other features in common, including a power liftgate, spacious cargo compartment, power folding rear seating, a range of features in the storage package. Automatic lights, brake assist, ABS, and airbags are standard with all models.

An exceptional range of features, including advanced safety options, are available in both vehicles, offering easy handling, top cornering, and exceptional driver comfort. The coupe includes permanent all-wheel drive in the 4MATIC as a standard feature while it is an option in the SUV. Both offer lots of power and performance in a vehicle that is also stylish and upscale.