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Organize the Parking for Your Private Event in Palm Springs

One of the most frustrating aspects of hosting any private event is figuring out where all of your guests are going to park their vehicles. Instead of stressing out about where everyone will park, leave the job to us, and we will take care of all of your private valet services in Palm Springs, CA.

We Blend in so Your Event Stands Out

There are multiple uniform options for the valet staff to wear to your event. As you plan your private valet services in Palm Springs, CA, with us, make sure to view the various uniform options to find the one that best fits with the attire worn by the rest of the staff for your event or one that blends well with your overall theme.

Your Client’s Vehicles are in Good Hands

Most people worry that they will have to pay tons of money if a valet should have an accident in their vehicle. You can rest assured that our services come with full insurance coverage, including garage liability, garage keeper’s liability, umbrella excess liability, workers compensation and fidelity bond. Your clients are entirely free of responsibility if something happens to their vehicle on our watch.

Residential or Commercial

We offer our private valet parking services to both residential and commercial clients, so whether you’re arranging a party for work or a gathering at home, you can rely on our professional services to take care of all your parking needs.

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