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Sell Your Truck for Scrap with a Quality Truck Salvage Yard in New Haven, CT

This is it. The end. It’s been a good ride, but it’s finally over. Yes, your truck has finally broken down for the last time, and it’s time to get rid of it.

Even so, you’d probably prefer to get something for your trouble. After all, you have in all likelihood invested lots of money into that truck, and would certainly like to get some of it back. What’s more, even if you’re not usually the most environmentally-minded individual, you’d probably rather your truck’s remains be put to good use instead of simply rusting away in some abandoned lot somewhere.
With that in mind, you’ll want to contact the best truck salvage yard in New Haven, CT.

Sell for Scrap

One of the major upsides of selling your truck for scrap to a truck salvage yard is the fact that you can make some of your money back in doing so. Your truck contains valuable parts and the metal frame itself represents some desirable scrap material to be harvested and reused. Contact your local truck salvage yard to get a quote as to the amount of money you can get back from your old rust bucket today.

Easy Pickup

After you’ve sold your truck, it’s time to officially get rid of it. The best salvage services will generally send their own truck to pick up yours and haul it off to the truck salvage yard at your convenience.

An Environmental Boon

One of the most underrated elements of proper salvage work is the fact that it really is better for the environment than simply chucking your old truck somewhere. It ensures that your truck’s parts will be recycled and put to good use elsewhere. It’s better for the environment, better for the auto industry, better for the salvage industry—and, of course, better for you!

Visit us today to schedule an appointment to have your truck looked at or towed off to the salvage yard.