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Upgrading Your Porsche Wheels: Aftermarket or Stock?

If you own a Porsche and you’re interested in upgrading it, you will have to make a few decisions. People usually choose between aftermarket and stock parts. So when it comes to your wheels, should you choose aftermarket or stock?

Why Aftermarket is Great

Now, for some parts, mechanics prefer to order stock parts from the dealership because they’re more reliable. However, when it comes to Porsche wheels, a lot of mechanics actually prefer to use aftermarket rims and wheels when upgrading Porsches. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons why mechanics like aftermarket wheels.

Aftermarket wheel manufacturers often make several high quality products that cost around the same as the stock wheels, while the options for stock wheels are usually limited in terms of design. This means that for the same price or lower, mechanics can get several different styles of Porsche wheels.

Choosing aftermarket wheels means you’ll have more options to choose from. So if you have a specific wheel design in mind, choosing aftermarket means you’re going to be able to find that design. When you choose stock wheels, you might not find the design you’re looking for.

Where to Go

The next decision you’ll need to make when upgrading your wheels is which shop to take your car to. If you need to find a good shop, you should get online and search for shops near you that can get you the wheels you need.

When you search on the Internet for a shop, you should check to see if they can fit aftermarket wheels on your Porsche. If they cannot provide you with the wheels you need, you should find a different shop.

If you’re interested in finding a really great auto shop that sells and installs wheels for your Porsche, you should visit our website or call (808) 545-1600 to learn about your wheel options and how Auto Customs can make your Porsche look great. You can follow them on Twitter for further news and update!