Is the Subaru Impreza Right For You?

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Automotive

The Subaru Impreza is sold as both a hatchback and sedan, but the hatchback version outsells the sedan seven to three. With that in mind, the Impreza is an excellent choice for those who want a capable vehicle that will be easier to drive and better on gas than an SUV. So, is the Impreza right for you and should you check out a new Subaru Impreza in Mokena?

Offroad Capability

Like most of Subaru’s vehicles, the Impreza comes standard with full-time all-wheel drive. Subaru designed this system from the ground up as an all-wheel drive vehicle. This makes the Impreza a very capable offroad vehicle and ideal for snowy and icy conditions. There is a reason they are so popular in areas like Alaska where there can be ice on the roads for months at a time.

Storage Capabilities

With the 2017 model year, Subaru redesigned the Impreza to give it four extra inches of clearance for the rear hatch and three extra cubic feet of storage space. They did this by dividing the taillight cluster into two separate units and by moving the rear shock towers out a few inches. The result is a very roomy interior with no shortage of passenger and cargo space.

Subaru EyeSight

The Impreza is available with Subaru’s EyeSight technology. Subaru boasts this as their ultimate safety solution. It uses sensors to keep track of many different variables while you are driving. If the system detects that you are about to have a collision, then it will apply the brakes and attempt to avoid the wreck. It is also able to warm you when you wander outside of your lane. The capabilities of EyeSight are quite expansive, and it is an excellent system for keeping you and your family safe on the road.

There you have it. While it is hard to go wrong with an Impreza, if you live in an area where the road ice over or if you have to haul stuff on occasions then the Impreza is an excellent choice for you. You can check out new Subaru Impreza inventory online at also stay in touch with a Facebook page for more.

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