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Three Reasons You’ll Love the Volvo S90

Considering making a car purchase soon? Consider the Volvo S90. This modern twist on the classic sedan has been making waves in the industry since its introduction. With some of the best, most family-friendly features on the market today, here are three reasons you’ll fall in love with a Volvo S90 at first sight:

Pilot Assist

The Volvo company has a vision of safety that they believe can be attained by creating cars that are more self-sufficient. One way they are working toward this is Pilot Assist, a program now standard to this and many other models that allows for safer parking, backing in and out of spaces, prevents collisions and warns the driver when they are veering out of their lane. One day, Volvo hopes to manufacture cars that are essentially self-driving; until then, Pilot Assist is the next best thing.

A Clean, Yet Powerful Engine

Another passion of the Volvo brand is clean energy and low emissions. All of their vehicles are working toward this in their own ways, and the S90 is no exception. Featuring a T8 twin engine plug-in hybrid powertrain and the ability to use multiple fuel sources in a single, extended drive, there’s no better combination of power and cleanliness on the road.

A Sleek Take on a Conservative Classic

The large sedan automobile category is not known for innovation or excitement. Even in luxury models, this is often the conservative choice of older drivers and those with large families. However, the Volvo S90 is looking to change that. With sleek stylings usually associated with smaller, sportier sedans in a larger, more family-friendly profile, this s Volvo’s version of an industry classic – modernized to meet your family’s needs.

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