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Two Common Reasons to Need Automotive Diagnostic Service in Redding, CA

The Check Engine light of your car may come on at any moment, although it may feel as if it will wait until the worst possible moment to begin shining out a warning of trouble. That said, this small icon on the dash of your car will not actually tell you in so many words what is wrong with your car and you need an automotive diagnostic service from an expert to find the issue. Once it is discovered and identified, qualified mechanics will help you to correct the issue in a way that is best for your car and your wallet, and they will gladly walk you through each phase of the repair to eliminate surprises.

O2 Sensor Replacement

One reason why you may need automotive diagnostic service performed on your car would be that the oxygen (O2) sensor in the vehicle is no longer working and this will make replacement necessary to correct the issue. The O2 sensor will measure the amount of unburned oxygen inside your car’s exhaust system and any failure will cause your engine to burn more fuel and thus become less fuel efficient. You will ultimately lose up to 40% of your fuel economy if you put off replacing the broken part but Major Muffler & Auto Repair will help you fix the problem quickly.

Damaged, Loose, or Missing Gas Cap

It may surprise you to learn that some problems are as easy to fix as they sound but very few motorists think to check their gas caps even when they see their Check Engine lights turn on without any warning. The gas cap will help seal the fuel system and maintain pressure within your car’s fuel tank but you may need automotive diagnostic service in Redding, CA to catch this issue. You will lose fuel through evaporation with this issue, effectively costing you hundreds of dollars after just one year if you do not act quickly.