What Can One Expect From Auto Detailing in Baltimore

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Autos

Auto Detailing in Baltimore involves more than simply washing a car. There are actually many levels of service that can be provided by these companies, depending on the needs of the car owner. One can simply have their car washed and waxed or have their entire vehicle detailed from front to back. When hiring an auto detail company for full service, it is important an owner knows what services will be included.

  • Paint care services are crucial for owners who want to protect their vehicle’s paint job. Paint care services involve cleaning, correcting any damage, and then sealing and protecting the paint. It is crucial all of these steps are carried out to ensure the paint will be protected and continue to shine beautifully without fading.
  • The chassis and wheels should be cleaned when one hires a company for full auto detailing in Baltimore. The undercarriage should be carefully washed, and the tires should be cleaned, including the wells. When these areas have been cleaned, the tires and plastic splash guards should be coated with protection and shine.
  • Polish compounds should be applied to the headlights, taillights, and trim of the vehicle. If a vehicle has dull headlights or taillights, they can benefit from restoration services which remove the dull coating and restore them to a clear finish that not only looks more attractive but also allows the lights to shine more brightly.
  • Drivers should ask about engine bay cleaning to ensure their engine is clean and protected from wear and tear. A degreasing solution is used to remove excess grease and then all plastic components are coated to help prevent wear and tear.
  • The interior of the vehicle will need to be cleaned, corrected, and protected. Full-service auto detailing can take care of fabric, vinyl, and leather repair to restore the beauty of the interior.

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