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What to Look for When You’re Searching for a Ford in Knoxville

You’re looking to buy a new car, but you’re not sure where to look. It can be difficult to find a car dealership you trust. Fortunately, there are trustworthy car dealerships out there. It all starts at the top, so you need to see who runs that dealership and determine their character.


If you’re looking for a Ford new car in Knoxville, TN, then you should start by looking at reviews for car dealerships in the area. What do those reviews say about the person running the dealership? On top of that, how is the service in general? Do they offer great technicians and friendly service? If the answer to those three questions is yes, then it’s worth investigating further.

Finding the Right Car Dealership

If you’re seeking a Ford new car in Knoxville, TN, then you want to make sure the dealership has plenty of inventory. You might think you know the car you want, but car buyers often change their minds after further inspection and test drives. To that point, make sure the car dealership offers test drives. Regarding inventory, do they sell a Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, Ford Expedition, and other models of Fords?

If the answer is yes and you’re not exactly rolling in the dough, check out their financing options. Does this car dealership offer zero or low financing? Will you be able to drive the car you want out of the lot the day you arrive to look at it? At the same time, can you be sure that the salesperson you’re working with will not pressure you into buying a car that you’re not 100% certain you want?


These are a lot of questions to answer at once, but the answers can be provided for you. One quality option in Knoxville is Ray Varner Ford. You can find more information