Keeping Vehicle Fluids Changed

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Oil Change Service

When you only need maintenance service performed on your vehicle instead of a major repair, consider an express service offered by a mechanic. This type of service can save you money as you won’t need to seek the services of a dealership. There are a few common services provided by companies that offer express lube in New Jersey that can keep your vehicle running as long as possible. Most companies can schedule future appointments based on when fluids in your vehicle need to be changed and when your vehicle needs to be inspected.

An oil change is one of the most common services provided by a company that does express lube in New Jersey. The oil filter will be changed as well. Another common service that you’ll get from an is checking the pressure in all four tires and adding air if it’s needed. Someone can check your brakes to ensure that the pads are sufficient and that there is still plenty of brake fluid. While at the express lube mechanic, you can also get your transmission fluid and coolant checked to make sure they are at their proper levels as well.

Most of the services provided by an express lube company involve maintaining your fluid levels and changing fluids as needed along with the filters. However, you can also get muffler and exhaust work done as well as maintenance on your belts and hoses. Your battery and electrical system can be tested with a battery change available if it’s needed. Most facilities have the equipment needed to change the spark plugs and perform minor repair work so that your vehicle is maintained while you’re driving. The company can create a schedule based on the year of your vehicle and how often you drive it so that the fluids can be changed on a regular basis.

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