Why Do You Need Reed Diffuser Oil Refills?

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Oil Change Service

Reed diffusers use a unique method of delivery to release fragrances into the air. Instead of using the usual wax pool, reed diffusers work through the reeds placed in the fragrant reed diffuser oils. The idea originated from various places across the globe. People in Europe and the Mediterranean countries have used essential oils to make their homes fragrant for centuries. During the last decade, reed diffusers have become quite popular in the U.S.

How do Reed Diffusers Work?

Reeds are inserted within specially formulated reed diffuser oils placed within decorative glass containers. These containers are uncovered, which allows the fragrance to get dispersed into the air naturally. As the reeds are moistened, they transfer the oil through capillary action into the air, making the air fragrant. When the oil ends, a reed diffuser oil refill is used to replace it.

Benefits of Using Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers provide the perfect option for the areas in your work place or house that you would like to keep fragrant with a diffusion of scents. They offer the perfect substitute for fragrant candles in places where candles cannot be tended to. They can also complement other methods of making your home or office smell fresh.

How Long Does a Reed Diffuser Last?

There are several factors that influence the life of a reed diffuser, which include humidity, heat, air conditioners, fans and open doors and windows. A reed diffuser oil refill of 4 ounces usually lasts from three to four months.

Flip Your Reeds Frequently

After some usage, you may observe that the intensity of the fragrance may start getting weaker. This is when you need to flip the reeds. As an alternative strategy, you could do this as a regular practice and flip them perhaps once every week to continue enjoying the optimum fragrance experience.

Reusing the Reeds with Different Oil

After the reeds have been completely saturated with oil, scent will not be pulled up by the channels. Additionally, if you change the oil to a new scent, the reeds will be too saturated with the previous fragrance to dispense the new scent. Therefore, if your reeds are not fully saturated, you may replace your oil with a new reed dispenser oil refill of the same fragrance as being used before. Once your oil and reeds are exhausted, you can reuse your diffuser bottle after a thorough wash and cleaning.

Precautionary Measures

A few precautions are essential while using reed diffusers. You must keep them in places where children cannot access them. Reed diffuser oil should not be ingested. The oils can cause damage to fabrics, furniture, plastics, wood and painted surfaces, so you must take necessary precautions to protect your surfaces.

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